Geographic Community Representatives (GCRs) are RHIC Board Members whose job it is to be in touch with their neighbors, keep the RHIC staff and Board abreast of neighborhood needs, and activate more people in community activities.  Feel free to contact them at anytime.  We encourage you to get to know the GCR working in your neighborhood.

Jonathan Bettle -
North/Lakeside: Chauncey, Brooks, Lakeview, Druid Park Lake Drive, and Linden and Brookfield north of Whitelock Street

Joel White -
Southeast: Lennox, Reservoir, Mt. Royal Terrace, and Park south of Newington

Pamela Patterson -
Community Core: Newington, Callow, Park north of Newington, and Linden and Brookfield south of Whitelock Street

 Randi Woods -
West: Eutaw Place, Madison Avenue, Ducatel (shared)

 Mike Felner -
West: Eutaw Place, Madison Avenue, Ducatel (shared)